We provide a flexible plan that adjusts to your needs. Our offer rests on three options that can be booked individually or jointly

Option 1: Technical control of your climbing structure. 
Here we use our internationally-certified expertise to undertake a solid technical control of your climbing structure and provide you with a report of the potential safety issues. If you want, and if this is possible for us, then we also take care of the safety issues that we identify.

Option 2: Analysis of your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
We are also certified experts for Personal Protection Equipment such as harnesses, ropes, quickdraws and carabiners, or other technical devices that are required for working at height. We would be happy to undertake controls of your PPE equipment, and, if necessary, help you find alternatives.

Option 3: Routesetting
This option is specifically only for climbing walls. We are certified route setters and would be happy to help you create new routes in your gym to keep your climbers motivated and challenged.

These options can be booked separately or jointly and for inquiries please do get in touch by clicking the button below. 

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