We take your climbing higher

We help you achieve your climbing goals, indoors and outdoors, from bouldering over sport climbing to multi-pitch trad.​ We conduct personalized assessments of your climbing abilities and develop tailored programs to improve your skills and become a more proficient climber.

Join us on climbing adventures, as a club, an individual, or a group. 

We provide consulting for the development of climbing walls and gyms, conduct the technical assessments for climbing structures and personal protection equipment, and contribute our expertise as long-term routesetters.

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What makes us special?

We are internationally certified climbing coaches with a wealth of experience in both indoor and outdoor climbing and coaching. We are also certified experts for the technical control of climbing structures and safety equipment.

our offer for clubs

HiFive offers trips, trainings and courses for clubs at all levels, from beginners to advanced climbers.

trips, excursions and outdoor trainings

HiFive organizes trips, excursions and outdoor climbing training for individuals and groups.

personal training

We provide personal training for both climbers and non-climbers, in person and online, for beginners and advanced. This includes strength, technique and methods. 

Climbing Wall Services

We provide a consulting service for the construction of climbing walls and equipment, route setting and technical control of climbing structures and PPE,  

"The coaches are really cool, their training is fun and their workouts are always varied. Their tips are extremely valuable. As they are very competent, you immediately feel that you are in good hands."

Cindy A.

We are dedicated to help you reach new heights.

Meet The Team


Internationally certified indoor and outdoor 
climbing coach


Internationally certified indoor climbing coach and Physiotherapist

Ingmar, born 1980, has been scaling rocks since he was a small kid. Since 1998, he's been enlightening folks about climbing, from mastering the art of not falling off the wall to taking the scenic route from wall to outdoor rock and all the way up to the nosebleed section of high mountains.
As a coach, Ingmar is all about making sure his climbers are advancing injury-free. Safety is his middle name, right after 'adventure.' His coaching philosophy? A perfect blend of strength, technique, and a mental game so strong, it once beat a chess grandmaster in a staring contest.
Oh, did we mention he used to be a Professor of Environmental Economics? Yep, this guy could calculate the carbon footprint of a Yeti. But in 2023, climbing finally stole his heart, and he ditched the textbooks for carabiners, founding the company HiFive. Because, who needs economics when you can conquer peaks, right?
Ingmar loves teaching climbing, whether it's indoors or outdoors, beginners, athletes, and anyone in between.  

Tom, born 1992, a climbing enthusiast and licensed physiotherapist, combines the best of both. Back in 2016, he jumped into coaching at D-Summit in Dudelange. For several years now you could find him hanging out as the youth trainer in the Niederanven climbing club, supporting climbers of all levels. 
He is all about the thrill of climbing and spending time outdoors, especially bouldering and lead climbing. In addition, he brings all of his physio wisdom to the mix. 
We not only climb rocks but also prioritize long-term growth and well-being. Nature is our playground that needs the right treatment. So, he is big on showing our environment the respect it needs. From leaving no trace to educating others at the crags to do the same, let's climb with respect and good vibes. 
Whether we're testing our strength on boulders, challenging our mental game and endurance in sport climbing routes, or diving into training tips, Tom is all about connecting with climbers at every level and enjoying the progress. Join him on this journey where he'll improve your climbing skills, focus on your well-being, and, of course, do it all while having fun and enjoying nature.

"​I have come to know Ingmar and Tom as very committed and reliable fellow coaches. With their professional competence and many years of experience, they are the right contact persons and companions to achieve personal training goals. With their easy-going, humorous manner and at the same time sensitive, individual approach, they create an ideal training atmosphere."

Lena M.

"Very good team with a high level of expertise. They teach well through a combination of theory and practice. I can highly recommend them."

Abbi P.

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