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Consulting and construction services
HiFive offers consulting and development of climbing wall/gym concepts customised towards your clients' needs, as well as preliminary planning and support in the preparation and evaluation of the contract award, post-construction assessments and long-term technical control. Additional services that we offer include the selection of material and equipment both for your clients and your gym/wall.

Technical control of your climbing structure
Here we use our internationally-certified expertise to undertake a solid technical control of your climbing structure based on the international standard DIN EN 12752 and provide you with a report of the potential safety issues. The inspection of the climbing facility is based on the specifications of the current standard (DIN EN 12572-1/2:2017-07 Artificial climbing structures - Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods for artificial climbing structures and anchor points. Part 2: Safety requirements and test methods for bouldering walls), the current state of the art and it is also based upon our years of experience.

Control of your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE, PSAgA)
We are internationally-certified experts for Personal Protection Equipment such as harnesses, ropes, quickdraws and carabiners, or other technical devices that are required for working at height. We would be happy to undertake controls of your PPE equipment, and, if necessary, help you find alternatives. We will provide you with a control book to help you with keeping track of your equipment.

As certified route setters we are happy to help you create new routes in your gym to keep your climbers motivated and challenged. Whether you would like to have routes for beginners, difficult routes for competitions, boulders, technical problems or dynamic ones or fun little gems - we are happy to satisfy your clients' needs.

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