Personal training

We offer 
in-person and online personal training for climbers and non-climbers
assessments (strength, technique)
courses on climbing technique
alpine and mountaineering skills

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I've trained remotely with them and their training has been crucial to my climbing process, providing the essential motivation and accountability to achieve my goals. Over the last few years, their meticulous focus on climbing-specific exercises, injury prevention, and in-depth knowledge of climbing techniques and body positioning has been indispensible in breaking through climbing plateaus. And that doesn't even include the technical training received to stay safe in the mountains! Highly recommend these guys for anyone with climbing or mountaineering aspirations."
Simon R. 


We here provide a selection of our offers, but our key is flexibility: adjusting our schedule to yours, adjusting our training methods to your needs, adjusting our courses to your goals. If you have specific goals, just get in touch and we will see what we can do. 

Personal training

We will train you in person and online. This can be sessions at home, in a climbing gym, outside at a local crag or even internationally. We will adjust ourselves to your needs and timetable. 
Whether it is strength training, conditioning, endurance, climbing technique, via ferrata or alpine skills: we have them, and you want them. 
We usually start with an assessment to see whether we can work together, and then take it from there. 

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Want to know how strong you are? 
Want to know where you lack?
Want to know where you can improve?

Then book an assessment with us and we will give you an answer. These assessments, depending on your questions, can take anything from an hour or two to several hours over one or two days. 

Short courses 

We offer short courses, lasting around 2h
to a day or weekend, on specific climbing
related topics, which can be adjusted
and combined to meet your needs. 
Possible topics, among many others, are: 
Strength training
Feet placement
Hand techniques
Body positioning
Lead climbing
Mental game
Antagonist training

From the indoors to the outdoors

We offer courses for climbers that want to
transition to the outdoors. Those can be
purely introductory courses, but also more advanced ones. 
Possible topics include:
First outdoor steps
Crag etiquette
Via Ferrata
First aid
Lead climbing outdoors
Multi-pitch climbing
Trad climbing
Rescue techniques

Excursions and trips

We offer one day excursions and weekend or longer trips. Please have a look at our tab Trips and outdoor training for more information. If you have specific requests for destinations or times, don't hesitate to get in touch and we will make you an offer (you can't refuse).

Our calendar

In this calendar you will see your availabilities for the next months. You can provisionally book slots with us by sending us an email to or contacting us via mobile phone (621264575 or 621683106). We can then work out the best options for you.